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Talking to myself!

Read this just now and thought of myself: More than any other member, the minister is exposed to the congregation.  When he stops reading the Bible, they tend to stop!  When he stops praying, they tend to stop!  When he gossips, they … Continue reading

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Testimony of a Trappist monk

Before he was converted, Thomas Merton was brought up by parents who were not really self-proclaiming Christians.  I’m reading ‘Seven Storey Mountain’ now, which is his autobiography.  The work of his I have read so far, such as ‘No Man … Continue reading

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The Revival We Need

I picked up again yesterday Oswald J. Smith’s urgent ‘The Revival We Need’ ‘, and was leafing through his diary entries in the final chapters which record the brewing, smouldering and flaming of a powerful revival season in which the … Continue reading

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How does the French ‘jour’ come from Latin ‘dies’?

I stumbled across this nice, clear explanation in Boswell’s Life of Johnson today (p.416 in my Everyman edition): We talked of languages, Johnson observed that Leibnitz had made some progress in a work, tracing all languages up to the Hebrew: … Continue reading

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Join in God’s mission

Really liked this definition of ‘missional’ – it’s not simply seeker-sensitive, it’s not actually emergent, it’s not really church-programme-focused.  Rather, it: applies to the whole life of every believer. Every disciple is to be an agent of the kingdom of … Continue reading

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Matt Chandler on ‘for God’s glory’ not ours

Really enjoyed reading these notes on a sermon by Matt Chandler, preaching at the Code Orange Revival, streamed live until 22nd Jan

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Grace Abounding

Okay, don’t really want to be posting as I need to be writing reports, but just wanted to comment on the great sermon this morning, the colossal challenge laid down in Christ’s words in Matthew: “And he who does not … Continue reading

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Eyes of love and flame of fire

Just read this awesome paragraph from an article in the latest Herald of his coming: The important question we should each ask ourselves is this: “Do we love God enough to desire to be really His, manifesting His Spirit in … Continue reading

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That the Emperor Caligula had a statue of himself made in gold, and every day it was changed into a replica of the clothes that he was wearing that day! I know that it says in the Scriptures that we … Continue reading

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Day 21 – Running to discover

This is how I know what love is.  He came down and died for me.  The beloved of heaven; the glory of the angels, the wonder of the ages, slipped out of his majesty and glory and shrugged on the … Continue reading

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