Broken relationships don’t matter

Now here is the basic difference between how my Daddy sees me and how everyone else sees me.  He is always for me.  He will always be on my side.

A split in a relationship is a painful thing.  Everything is fine, you have had happy times together, you rely on each other, you delight in each other.  Then one of you says something, and the other one takes it badly.  Instead of mending the breach, pride steps in.  You say: “I’m not putting up with that.  I’m worth more than that.”  At least one of the parties puts him or herself first.  And subtly a distance in the relationship begins.  I start hurting the other person, and they start hurting me, and it becomes so painful that we both think that the whole shebang isn’t worth it.  Perhaps there are other friendships, other relationships, elsewhere that would work better.  It’s a natural human tendency to want to move on, and to think that the issues of the heart can be resolved by ignoring the mess.  Before you know it, the relationship has become two people standing on rocks in a sea, shouting at each other, scared of the waves, and worried that they are going to fall in.  You are cut off and exposed.  In the end, one of you allows yourself to be rescued off the rock by someone else, and you see the other person no more.

Daddy is not another person clinging to a rock: he IS the rock.  He is the firm ground beneath my feet.  He is the ground of all my being.  He is the source of my happiness and joy.  He is the strength and light of my life.  My Daddy cannot be against me.  He cannot lift a finger – if he lifts it to admonish, he at the same time lifts it to caress.  He is love.  He has lavished his love upon me.  It doesn’t matter how many broken relationships are in my life, if he is underneath me as the everlasting arms, there is always balm and healing in him.  He is the basis of all my reconciliations and apologies.  He is the reason to pick myself up and make a fresh start.  My name is tattooed on the palm of his hand.

If you are for Him, you are for me.  If He is for you, then I am for you.  If He says you’re worth it, then I know you’re worth it.  The Body of Christ is the most precious thing on the face of this earth and without it I would die of loneliness and despair.  When Jesus ascended into heaven he facilitated the possibility of being everywhere at once.

Be Christ somewhere today, brother and sister in Him.

About stayingfaithful

I am looking for anything that relates to life and to a fuller life. I am bored by the normal and the natural and interested in the supernatural. There must be more than this. We were put on this earth for more than a nine to five prison, as someone said a few years ago.
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