Who will not glorify His name?

Today I am choosing to live in the glory of what the Lord has given me.  I look in the Bible, and I see that as I gaze on His likeness, as I am filled with His Spirit (seek that baptism in the Spirit today if you do not have it) that I know freedom, that I know liberty, and that day by day I am being transformed with ever-increasing glory into His likeness.

Hang on, into His likeness!  Not more into my identity!  Not more into who I am!  He has redeemed all that.   He has shone a spotlight onto my sinful self and showed me that it has to go.  The new is better than the old.  The new has no history.  The sins are taken far away.  My history is Christ now.  My history is his triumph over the Devil’s temptations in the wilderness.  My history is a virgin birth which has swung free of sin’s compass.  My history is a miraculous work, a truth-telling work, the spread of the kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy in the earth.  My history is being pinned to a piece of wood, and dying a painful death, and rising again, a definitive, irreversible, beautiful and unimpeachable salvation.

The Lamb will wage war against all ungodliness.  He is total justice and holiness.  We all know that the division between good and evil goes right through the human heart.  The only way that we can deal with the problem of evil is to get that heart transplant that Jesus offers us all.  Who will not glorify and magnify His name?

And today, being a kingdom-bringer, being a history-maker, being a son of the King who will do greater works than Jesus did, I will in holy reverence and fear magnify His name and exalt the name of Jesus.  He alone is holy.  That is why I have to be in Him to be holy.

Now I know that it is not about me.  Now I know that my testimony is only glorious if it points to Jesus.   I do not worship Him in strength, but in weakness.  His Holy Spirit visits and rests upon those who are weak, when we boast in our weaknesses and when we are only too conscious of them.  Looking at my life, I cannot see how the Lord could be glorified through it.  And yet time and again He reveals Himself and works through me, and strengthens me.

What a Father!  What a rescuer!  He has compassion that no human has.  He has patience and wisdom that no man or woman could display.  And as we continue to walk with Him His Holy Spirit will minister the overflow of life from us to others, the kingdom of full healing and salvation to others, and Christ will be lifted up from the earth to bring many to salvation and to hasten His final coming.











About stayingfaithful

I am looking for anything that relates to life and to a fuller life. I am bored by the normal and the natural and interested in the supernatural. There must be more than this. We were put on this earth for more than a nine to five prison, as someone said a few years ago.
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