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The journey goes on

Enjoyed reading this about how Martin Smith is creating small EPs now and life after Delirious.  I have not read his book in entirety, but I think that they took a very interesting journey as a crossover between evangelism and being … Continue reading

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The power of music

The gospel of John astonishes me every time I read it.  I have only got to chapter 5, but I love the leisurely way it explains: “and this was Jesus’ second miracle”, compared with the gospel of Mark, where Jesus … Continue reading

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Worried-full for nothing, thank-full for everything, prayer-full in all things.

Just slow down and read this blogpost, it’ll bless the socks off you if you give it a little time. “True, whole prayer is nothing but love,” offered St. Augustine. Is the only reason we don’t really pray is because … Continue reading

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Living with Failure

I remember very vividly when  prophetic guy came to our town and said to us: “Make your mistakes now, you might as well”.  I was pretty shattered when I failed my driving test, as I was accustomed to passing most … Continue reading

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Who can faint with such a river?

A week or so ago someone in a meeting had a vision of a new river coming from heaven, with a supply that was going to be just what we needed in our church and at this time.  So far, … Continue reading

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How He gets us ready

Father is preparing us for a glorious future.  This much we know.  We can often get downhearted because our present doesn’t appear to be too fantastic. It’s so easy to get embroiled in a current predicament.  We find it straightforward … Continue reading

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Head in a Spin

Every so often, you get that feeling that everything is too much.  “I can’t cope”, you cry, and grab your dummy, your blanket and curl up at the bottom of your world, ignoring everything and hoping that it will go … Continue reading

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