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Little Known Ways of Being at Peace

If someone says to you ‘I’ve not known any real peace recently’, I don’t know if you straight away rehearse all the well-known ways of keeping anxious thoughts away from you. For example, deep breathing (‘yoga’ not being a celebrated option amongst Christians), … Continue reading

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Revival Right Now

I have been downloading and browsing on my free Kindle app on my PC and my Android the resources that Geoff Waugh has been making available over the past few weeks.  Currently he has made freely available four volumes of … Continue reading

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The church dislikes real disciples

I was stirred this morning when I lifted up a Tozer volume, “I Talk Back to the Devil” and read the final chapter, called ‘How Long Can You Slight the Christ of God?’ Here are some snippets below, and amongst them, … Continue reading

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An atmosphere of revival

Ways that you know you and your church are living in authentic revival (if you want to be in revival, seek and pray and work for these Rr things): 1. The genuine conversion and change of unlikely and influential people … Continue reading

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Living only for Him

So important every day to know that I am living just for You Jesus.  How often have the dreams and the thoughts in the night been diverting me away?  Try me today, Father and see if there is any wicked way in … Continue reading

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Keep the fire burning

Are we on fire for God, and are we keeping the fire burning?  I jotted down these notes listening to our pastor sharing this morning. In 1 Tim 1:6 Paul tells Timothy to ‘fan into flame the gift of God’.  … Continue reading

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Are you an active or inactive church member?

Such a brief and yet pungent blogpost that I thought I would just paste it in here for your consideration. How to hinder your church It has been said that there are no inactive members in any church. They are either … Continue reading

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Self-parent first

Ann Voskamp wrote a book a little while back called ‘One Thousand Gifts’.  There are a number of reviews out there, some dead against the book, and others loving it.  It came to me highly recommended, and after having looked … Continue reading

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Why didn’t you come sooner?

I found this an excellent blogpost  by Ann Voskamp and a reminder to continue to pray for the Muslims during Ramadan.  She says: Sometimes the startling grace of your life can drop you right to your knees and is there … Continue reading

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