Living low, living holy

Just been listening to Colin Urquhart , very paced, very peaceful, very thoughtful and very wise.  Holiness is always the number one thing that God is seeking – is it your number one?  He has listed 15 points to bear in mind as we are seeking holiness, without which none of us will see the Lord.  I have listed the points below:

1. Love, as the expression of holiness

2. A whole-hearted consecration to God’s will

3. Fear of the Lord – fear of offending God.  We need to be afraid in a positive sense of grieving or causing God distress.

4. Seek God’s glory in all things.  It involves detail.  Not just generally seeking God’s glory.

5. Have full confidence in God.

6. Live constantly in God’s presence.

7. Live a life of watchful prayer, full of praise for God.

8. Be diligent in the use of our time – a sacred gift from God to be used as He desires.

9. Stand firm against temptation – this also becomes a matter of detail.

10.  Being devoted to a life of serving God by serving others.

11. Humility

12. Living a life of self-denial – denying ourselves the good things we could have, in order to be available for others, not begrudgingly.

13. Keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, not on ourselves and not on others.

14. Keep your heart and mind free from judging others.

15. Live a life of total submission to the Holy Spirit, who will inspire holiness in us.

Notice that there is no mention of power here.  This is one of the fruit of holiness.  Holiness was the secret of Jesus’ power – His closeness with the Father.  What we are doing has to be full of God, as He is the Holy One.  The more what we do is full of Him, the more fruitful we will be.  We will see scores and hundreds of people coming to the Lord.  The holiness of God among His people will bring others to conviction of sin, causing them to repent.  It will not be a matter of argument and trying to win people to Christ, but they will come to Christ, because of the dynamic of what is happening among His people.  God is saying that it is time for Him to have a truly holy people.  Only a holy people can fulfil the holy purposes of a holy God.

Without holiness, we won’t see the Lord working in the way that He wants.  It is not that these things are absent – you would probably say YES to all these things, but it is a matter of degree.

Are you prepared for God to possess you?  Will you be possessed by the Holy Spirit, taken over by God, not against your will, but because it is your desire?

About stayingfaithful

I am looking for anything that relates to life and to a fuller life. I am bored by the normal and the natural and interested in the supernatural. There must be more than this. We were put on this earth for more than a nine to five prison, as someone said a few years ago.
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2 Responses to Living low, living holy

  1. Tony Leney says:

    So relevant for today. All we have to do, is to do it!

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