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Bright Messenger of God – Handley Moule

Here is a good prayer to pray in the Mornings: I have been reading a commentary on 2 Corinthians, in preparation for a sermon, by Handley Moule, and stunned by the simplicity, the passion and the life in its pages, … Continue reading

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Amen and Amen to this!

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The Prophetic Word

How dry we are when we do not have the prophetic!  How desperate we become for just a tidbit, just a scrap, from someone’s table.  There is a feast to be had, there is a supply that we can drink … Continue reading

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Time to Change

    This post is a reblog from one of the earliest posts on here – back in July 2011.   I had spent some time jotting down things that I wanted to do for the church over the next … Continue reading

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Start your revival today!

These are the notes from our pastor’s talk back in the summer – I thought I would repost this as it is what we need to bear in mind when we pray for revival!-  download the talk here. The Well of … Continue reading

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A spark of grace

It did not take much to get me into the Kingdom.  Not much to have me partaking of the glory.  Just a glimpse, as a seven year-old child, of the price that He paid – of the blood trickling down … Continue reading

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A Heart Set Free

Went to a cafe to meet a friend and see how everything was going; we bumped into a friend of his there, and one of the things that he said to me was to write and to question.  So I thought … Continue reading

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