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Barely hanging on

  Enjoyed reading this blog Why did God make emotions? just now on our feelings, and to encourage you to be honest about your emotions.  Over the last five years I have gone on a journey recognising that when it comes … Continue reading

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Er, can I just say something?

When we consider where God has brought us, and what he has done in our lives, it normally blows our minds.  Certainly, speaking for myself, I cannot get over the generosity with which he has treated me.  Should I look … Continue reading

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The Supremacy of Jesus

We need to build a relationship with Jesus again.  Christians need Jesus.  We need to be enlarged by Him.  There are some people who are believers who have stopped pursuing the Lord.  The Lord wants us to pursue Him.  We … Continue reading

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You know God is on the move when…

When God stirs us, everything in our lives, our whole perception of reality, is changed. For example, you know God is moving: 1. When you make decisions designed to get you more of God 2. When the Holy Spirit starts … Continue reading

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