Er, can I just say something?

When we consider where God has brought us, and what he has done in our lives, it normally blows our minds.  Certainly, speaking for myself, I cannot get over the generosity with which he has treated me.  Should I look at the little things, the things that ‘blow me open’, to paraphrase a Seamus Heaney poem, or should I consider the massive, irreducible truths such as the atonement, the incarnation, Pentecost, adoption and holy Sonship (and Daughtership)?

Well, thinking about WHAT I should say, I just know today that because I am a temple of the Holy Spirit, and because I am covered by His anointing and justified by His calling on my life, that whatever the Holy Spirit whispers to me today is what I ought to focus on.  There is a real freedom in knowing that He is just pleased with me.  Not in what I bring, but in me.  We worry, don’t we, when we read the story of Cain and Abel, that we are not bringing the correct sacrifice.  And all the time, God was looking at their hearts, and this was what he was judging.  After all, the sacrifices of the Old Testament, of the Old Covenant, were never sufficient to wash away sin in the first place.  Why should we imagine that what we are ‘bringing’ to Jesus makes a difference?!  It doesn’t.

So why ‘make a contribution’ then?  Whether over virtual channels like this one, or face to face or in a gathering of believers, why rise up and be counted?  Isn’t it better just to keep quiet?

I heard someone say recently (I think I may have written it in my last post) that God wants us to pursue him.  Remember in Song of Songs where he comes, and where his lover is in bed and does not get up to let him in?  And then she regrets it and goes chasing around the city, getting beaten up by the watchmen, desperate to be reconciled with him whom her soul loves?

The moment passes.  Time goes by, and the surge of affection that we felt, has gone.  With any lovers, the incredible joy that comes from hearts moving TOWARDS each other, at the same time (and life is so various and distracting that this can be rare) is a window to be looked through, a vision to be enjoyed, a love-gift to be unwrapped.

When your eyes catch a glimpse of Jesus, and when your heart starts to melt in love, reach out and tell him so.  It does not matter who hears.  True love is not embarrassed.  We are not ashamed of our bridegroom!  It was a sixteen year-old girl, rising to her feet and declaring: “I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart” that triggered the Welsh Revival, which was a revival in which meetings were flooded with waves and rivers of divine love.  Only because He has loved us, and only because we KNOW he has loved us, are we entitled to make a contribution.  Only the lovers of Jesus are allowed here!

About stayingfaithful

I am looking for anything that relates to life and to a fuller life. I am bored by the normal and the natural and interested in the supernatural. There must be more than this. We were put on this earth for more than a nine to five prison, as someone said a few years ago.
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