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The evening sacrifice

It’s when it comes to the evening that we feel the need to start casting ourselves on God.  Why is this?  Perhaps because we realise that elements of the day have been lost and wasted.  We see that we have … Continue reading

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My sole object

More excerpts from Andrew Bonar’s diary – these entries still come from early in his ministry, between 1835 and 1836 and before he is called to his pastorate in Collace. pray[ed] for him being anointed tomorrow with the Spirit, that … Continue reading

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Drifting into the Day

The day has not really begun, and there are opportunities at this point to stop, reflect, and request. What slips of the tongue and of action can be avoided today, Lord? Help me to avoid them. What tasks and works … Continue reading

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A high place in heaven

Some extracts from Bonar’s Diary before he became a minister: 1st Jan 1831 I am to begin today the practice of learning a little of the Bible by heart every morning before breakfast 19th June 1831 Also, Satan suggested today … Continue reading

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Growing in my Heart

A prayer to declare for a Sunday (or any other day).  Speak it slowly, meaningfully, with the breath that God has given you – feel his ruach on you as you pray it: Love is in my heart, and is … Continue reading

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God is a nature-watcher

I was leaning intently over the edge of the boat on a fine day last summer, first scouring the reeds, then noticing that underwater there were often tiny little roaches among the plants, and seeing how far you could see … Continue reading

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The value of a thought

Recently I have picked up some new books (or should I say ‘old’ books) and it has started me off down some rabbit trails. In particular, the Diary of Andrew Bonar has alerted me to my lack of knowledge of … Continue reading

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