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A quick way to deal with obstacles to discipleship

Just now I felt a tug from the Holy Spirit and saw a half-formed image of a physical organ, pulsing, like a heart, but then forming a shell over it.  I got a sense that regular dipping in water or … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Movement

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It’s always been Jesus

There has been no other interest in my life.  There have been minor surges, brief potholes and uplifts, but nothing has functioned like the kerosene of the Holy Spirit on the spark in my heart; nothing has blasted away the … Continue reading

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The secret of your destiny

We only know what God has planned for us when we open His Word and read the luminous stories of those who God used.  I read in a sermon the other day that everyone in the Bible given an assignment … Continue reading

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Early morning bacon

I have had some bacon in the fridge that needed cooking this morning.  Partly the fact I have been early rising over the past few weeks has meant I felt I had time to cook some bacon before work.  I … Continue reading

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The Story of God


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Dark Mountains

No one puts it quite like D. L. Moody did.  His sermons are steeped in biblical references, true, but apart from that they are among the simplest and most compelling presentations of the gospel that I have read.  Christ Seeking … Continue reading

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How to get motivated

Do you sail on jubilantly over every obstacle, ‘rejoicing in tribulation’, delighted that God has sent you another challenge and rising buoyantly after every failure?  No, thought not.  Because I don’t either.  My experience of life so far is that … Continue reading

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