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Summer 2015 backlog challenge

A friend suggested I identified some books I wanted to get read this summer – of course, this does not include those I will have to read to be ready for the new academic year, but I’ll give it a … Continue reading

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Tribute to a Pastor Part Two

My second, slightly delayed, portion of Tribute to a Pastor: Leading a Meeting This would be where his pastoral gifting and leadership anointing would be seen.  As a church who believes in the priesthood of all believers, we see an … Continue reading

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Praying when you don’t feel like it

Originally posted on 24-7PrayerBognor:
It’s easy to pray when you’re feeling holy!  But what when you’re feeling grumpy, out of sorts, not particularly successful in your job or your daily life, or just finding everything an uphill struggle? The…

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Tribute to a Pastor Part One

On the occasion of our pastor retiring last Sunday, I wanted to give three examples of him in action.  The first one would be in a meeting where he is giving the Word, which will be the remainder of this … Continue reading

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Eggs Benedick and Blogging Revival

So I’m sitting in the Wetherspoons at Victoria and have just wolfed down a delicious Eggs Benedick (the ‘k’ surprised me but I’m going to have to rely on spellcheck for once). I have ten minutes before I must be … Continue reading

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Breaking the Mould.

Originally posted on Shiny Thoughts:
It’s a sad truth that we are moulded by our experiences. If someone hurts me I either develop a hard shell to stop it hurting or I fold under pressure and change to try and please. That response…

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Bread on the Water

It seems to be more difficult as I get older to take risks.  There are some risks I have been accustomed to taking since I was little; for example, relying on my speed (on a bike or in a car!) … Continue reading

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I have been meaning to share something of Molly Hawkin’s very readable, down to earth, and yet supernatural book, Ordinary Miracles, but now that she has put a website up making her book even more accessible, I simply direct you … Continue reading

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Someone after church today commented that they get ‘homesick’ for Jesus when they go to work, and get immersed in the world. That’s partly what this post is about – and partly about how I need to take a fresh … Continue reading

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Heads up for the future

This a new era for me in terms of WordPress: the iPad age. And I notice that the stats on WordPress now permit me to look back at my blog and see where the real action was. I seem to … Continue reading

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