My goal here is to live in personal revival and to reflect my journey here in blogs around three times a week.in particular. Hopefully others will take an interest, and be encouraged.

I range in my interests from the reformed, through charismatic and spiritual, across Christian denominations and no denomination where God’s love is expressed.  I will talk with anyone.  I believe that God is interested in everyone, and that anyone who genuinely cries out will be heard by God; I want to see more of Jesus in the world, and more of the kingdom that he talked about when he walked on the earth.

2 Responses to About

  1. cowleyarts says:

    I have just noticed that your blogging has put on a new coat – it’s looking fine.
    I did, at first, wonder if I could be looking into a mirror; as it is me sitting beside him at the breakfast table. Yes, to all who get to read my reply – I am his Father-in-law.
    Morning Ben – pass the milk.
    Ben will know how pleased i am to find selections of his poetry, and the insightful reveiws of other poets work. Perhaps he will allow an odd review of my poems.
    As a fellow Christian, Artist, would be poet and writer, what more could I wish for than to have a son-in-law with has such an affinity of interests. Serendipity! No I don’t think so, God’s blessing -yes!

    Keep up the good work Ben

    • benleney says:

      Thanks for commenting John, I appreciate it! In your honour I will aim to do an appreciation of some of your work; I was on your website the other day and really like your Cornish artwork. Delighted to find the poems too.

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