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Bedside reading snapshot

Every now and again I have to do a cull as the piles of books by my bed topple over and I can’t fit a cup of tea there. (This is partly the reason why I have a couple of … Continue reading

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Summer 2015 backlog challenge

A friend suggested I identified some books I wanted to get read this summer – of course, this does not include those I will have to read to be ready for the new academic year, but I’ll give it a … Continue reading

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The Art of Hiding

Just finished reading my first book on Kindle – thought I would announce that as it’s a rather special book, written by a friend.  Check out my Amazon review Unusual and provoking to see some other reviews and also to purchase it … Continue reading

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Dark Mountains

No one puts it quite like D. L. Moody did.  His sermons are steeped in biblical references, true, but apart from that they are among the simplest and most compelling presentations of the gospel that I have read.  Christ Seeking … Continue reading

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For Added Pleasure

It can come as a great shock to Christians who have walked with Christ for some years to realise that books written hundreds of years ago contain truths that we thought were only discovered recently.  It really is true that … Continue reading

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A Heart Set Free

Went to a cafe to meet a friend and see how everything was going; we bumped into a friend of his there, and one of the things that he said to me was to write and to question.  So I thought … Continue reading

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