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My 10 best things about the world: 1. Parkrun

Parkrun So those who know me well at the moment will not be surprised that I am enthusiastic about parkrun, which is the largest running event on the planet.  There are many who can write more articulately and more informatively … Continue reading

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With Full Conviction Review

Feeling very privileged, I set off last night to be in a select audience for the first performance of a remarkable piece of drama, ‘With Full Conviction’ written by my good friend Neil MacDonald. I had seen the playscript in … Continue reading

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Baptism in the Holy Spirit

A couple of years ago I prepared a short paper on this topic for the benefit of our local church, and I do feel passionately about the importance of the role of the Holy Spirit in our growth in the … Continue reading

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Summer 2015 backlog challenge

A friend suggested I identified some books I wanted to get read this summer – of course, this does not include those I will have to read to be ready for the new academic year, but I’ll give it a … Continue reading

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Someone after church today commented that they get ‘homesick’ for Jesus when they go to work, and get immersed in the world. That’s partly what this post is about – and partly about how I need to take a fresh … Continue reading

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Heads up for the future

This a new era for me in terms of WordPress: the iPad age. And I notice that the stats on WordPress now permit me to look back at my blog and see where the real action was. I seem to … Continue reading

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Bold and Shameless

I wanted to break a long silence on this blog, to start to bring some posts about prayer.  While God has been doing a lot of things with me lately, the main one is to challenge my prayer life.  I … Continue reading

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Something for the Weekend

Life is stranger than we think it sometimes, and we do not always recognise its strangeness.  It’s too easy to become trapped in what we think we always do, in our routines, and not to step back and see that … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Guide to Ministry Trips

Loved this version of Matthew 10 from the Message this morning: The Twelve Harvest Hands 10 1-4 The prayer was no sooner prayed than it was answered. Jesus called twelve of his followers and sent them into the ripe fields. He gave … Continue reading

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Stopping the Bus

Do go and take a look at this post, from a friend of mine who I value very highly – perhaps he’ll write more if he’s encouraged by some visits!  He is a family worker at a local church and … Continue reading

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