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PASSAGE ONE – Genesis 15:7-20 This follows the verses where God promises to bless Abraham and he points out that he has no heir. 7 He also said to him, “I am the LORD, who brought you out of Ur … Continue reading

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Seven Facebook Book Covers

Okay, here are the book covers I would have put on Facebook but haven’t had time to!  There are only seven, because the first three I posted on Facebook already. And in fact they’re not book covers, just the titles.  … Continue reading

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Jesus and Harry Potter

  Can you read Harry Potter and be a Christian?  More importantly, can you read Terry Pratchett and still be a Christian?  These questions are perhaps a bit provocative.  There will be those who will argue fervently that reading such … Continue reading

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How much do you need?

I will never forget a short children’s message I heard one Christmas, not when I was a child, but asking the question: How much do you need before you accept Christ?  All the wise men had was a star! When … Continue reading

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Luke 9

Luke 9 the Reading Just read this one through, and I’m struck by what David Pawson said about Luke, that it is the most loved of the gospels, but the least read (about 3 mins in).  For example, I am very … Continue reading

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Bread on the Water

It seems to be more difficult as I get older to take risks.  There are some risks I have been accustomed to taking since I was little; for example, relying on my speed (on a bike or in a car!) … Continue reading

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My sole object

More excerpts from Andrew Bonar’s diary – these entries still come from early in his ministry, between 1835 and 1836 and before he is called to his pastorate in Collace. pray[ed] for him being anointed tomorrow with the Spirit, that … Continue reading

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Spiritual Secret – Eating the Word

I do not want to comment much here, but let the writer speak for himself.  It is David Brainerd, choosing to spend a day in fasting.  While he’s not feeding on the normal food, he chooses instead to feed on … Continue reading

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Do we know our Father?

Little and often is the best way to achieve anything great.  We don’t think that we are getting much done, but if we take 15 minutes a day to pursue something regularly, that adds up mighty quickly.  For example, just … Continue reading

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