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Trouble with the Hebrew Kings?


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Losing your Mojo

I have been going through one of those seasons in your life where you are just, yep, living. Just about. Continue reading

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Tribute to a Pastor Part Two

My second, slightly delayed, portion of Tribute to a Pastor: Leading a Meeting This would be where his pastoral gifting and leadership anointing would be seen.  As a church who believes in the priesthood of all believers, we see an … Continue reading

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Bold and Shameless

I wanted to break a long silence on this blog, to start to bring some posts about prayer.  While God has been doing a lot of things with me lately, the main one is to challenge my prayer life.  I … Continue reading

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Something for the Weekend

Life is stranger than we think it sometimes, and we do not always recognise its strangeness.  It’s too easy to become trapped in what we think we always do, in our routines, and not to step back and see that … Continue reading

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Encounter His Presence

I read this prayer this morning, and it is inspiring me: Lord, You love to speak, even without the need for words. You listen to our inmost thoughts and draw our hearts to stillness.   Guard our hearing, Lord; For … Continue reading

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Full Cups of Blessing

I recently finished, while on holiday, the volume of Andrew Bonar’s Life and Diary, which several times had me in tears – I have already cited it in Extracts and My sole object – but there was a passage which jumped out to … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Movement

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Drifting into the Day

The day has not really begun, and there are opportunities at this point to stop, reflect, and request. What slips of the tongue and of action can be avoided today, Lord? Help me to avoid them. What tasks and works … Continue reading

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A high place in heaven

Some extracts from Bonar’s Diary before he became a minister: 1st Jan 1831 I am to begin today the practice of learning a little of the Bible by heart every morning before breakfast 19th June 1831 Also, Satan suggested today … Continue reading

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