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The Mirror and the Light part 3

I am now just into Part 5 of The Mirror and the Light, and I should warn, this contains spoilers.  I have read hundreds of pages since my last review, and at one point I certainly said to myself, ‘If … Continue reading

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A fellow traveller

I have found a traveller who got further than me with memorizing Romans, and who I think used a different method as well (perhaps that’s why?!) but I love what he says on this post about Romans 8 and the … Continue reading

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Seven Facebook Book Covers

Okay, here are the book covers I would have put on Facebook but haven’t had time to!  There are only seven, because the first three I posted on Facebook already. And in fact they’re not book covers, just the titles.  … Continue reading

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The Worldview of Fiction

Thinking again about Terry Pratchett, and secular fiction.  This is important for me as an English teacher.  Is there spiritual value in reading deliberately secular fiction?  Or for that matter, secular poetry, or secular drama?  Yes, I would argue. There … Continue reading

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How much do you need?

I will never forget a short children’s message I heard one Christmas, not when I was a child, but asking the question: How much do you need before you accept Christ?  All the wise men had was a star! When … Continue reading

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For Added Pleasure

It can come as a great shock to Christians who have walked with Christ for some years to realise that books written hundreds of years ago contain truths that we thought were only discovered recently.  It really is true that … Continue reading

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The church dislikes real disciples

I was stirred this morning when I lifted up a Tozer volume, “I Talk Back to the Devil” and read the final chapter, called ‘How Long Can You Slight the Christ of God?’ Here are some snippets below, and amongst them, … Continue reading

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Do the Arts make a substitute for faith?

One of those serendipitous times where I have in a few spare minutes plucked a book off the bookshelf that I got maybe halfway through, then moved on to something else: last night I found myself reading an extraordinary letter from … Continue reading

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