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Seven Facebook Book Covers

Okay, here are the book covers I would have put on Facebook but haven’t had time to!  There are only seven, because the first three I posted on Facebook already. And in fact they’re not book covers, just the titles.  … Continue reading

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Living His Testimonies

I want to explore Psalm 119.  Not all in one go!  But I have been appreciating it for some time now, and recently I bumped into someone who had gone one better than me and memorized the Psalm in Hebrew.  … Continue reading

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Luke 9

Luke 9 the Reading Just read this one through, and I’m struck by what David Pawson said about Luke, that it is the most loved of the gospels, but the least read (about 3 mins in).  For example, I am very … Continue reading

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Losing your Mojo

I have been going through one of those seasons in your life where you are just, yep, living. Just about. Continue reading

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Tribute to a Pastor Part Two

My second, slightly delayed, portion of Tribute to a Pastor: Leading a Meeting This would be where his pastoral gifting and leadership anointing would be seen.  As a church who believes in the priesthood of all believers, we see an … Continue reading

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Full Cups of Blessing

I recently finished, while on holiday, the volume of Andrew Bonar’s Life and Diary, which several times had me in tears – I have already cited it in Extracts and My sole object – but there was a passage which jumped out to … Continue reading

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Journal Musings

I have made previous entries where I have included comments from my journal, see Straight from my journal and Second helping of journal.  The grounds for inclusion are that on re-reading (which I do not always remember to do!) these phrases jump … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Movement

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Dark Mountains

No one puts it quite like D. L. Moody did.  His sermons are steeped in biblical references, true, but apart from that they are among the simplest and most compelling presentations of the gospel that I have read.  Christ Seeking … Continue reading

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My sole object

More excerpts from Andrew Bonar’s diary – these entries still come from early in his ministry, between 1835 and 1836 and before he is called to his pastorate in Collace. pray[ed] for him being anointed tomorrow with the Spirit, that … Continue reading

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