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With Full Conviction Review

Feeling very privileged, I set off last night to be in a select audience for the first performance of a remarkable piece of drama, ‘With Full Conviction’ written by my good friend Neil MacDonald. I had seen the playscript in … Continue reading

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Get off the throne of your life

A friend sent me this, and I thought I would blog it here: The ‘now and not yet’ of the Kingdom of God Is a misleading catchphrase which a lot of Christians have accepted without challenging its implications. First, it … Continue reading

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Encounter His Presence

I read this prayer this morning, and it is inspiring me: Lord, You love to speak, even without the need for words. You listen to our inmost thoughts and draw our hearts to stillness.   Guard our hearing, Lord; For … Continue reading

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Living on top of things

Coming fresh to God is the way to ensure that I keep a short account with Him.  When it comes down to it, where I stand with God matters most in life.  I can put it off as long as … Continue reading

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Growing in my Heart

A prayer to declare for a Sunday (or any other day).  Speak it slowly, meaningfully, with the breath that God has given you – feel his ruach on you as you pray it: Love is in my heart, and is … Continue reading

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God is a nature-watcher

I was leaning intently over the edge of the boat on a fine day last summer, first scouring the reeds, then noticing that underwater there were often tiny little roaches among the plants, and seeing how far you could see … Continue reading

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Get Rid of Self-Esteem Problems permanently

We had a great church get-together on Sunday morning, and there were several things that made it special (the quality of the guitar-playing was not one of them! – Ahem… I was playing). But one of our number came to … Continue reading

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Do the Arts make a substitute for faith?

One of those serendipitous times where I have in a few spare minutes plucked a book off the bookshelf that I got maybe halfway through, then moved on to something else: last night I found myself reading an extraordinary letter from … Continue reading

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How God spells LOVE – reposted

I’ve seen it from R T Kendall.  Children spell love T.I.M.E.  Perhaps God also spells love T.I.M.E. The Holy Spirit has been showing me how I need to be surrendered to Him every moment.  It’s just wishful thinking to be … Continue reading

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Dreaming while you sleep

For some reason, the title of this track from the Genesis album ‘We Can’t Dance’ popped into my head: the chorus “All my life I’ll be haunted by all my life just one moment in time”.  A song about a … Continue reading

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