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Are you displaced?

Our church has taken the theme of Peace this year, but with the thought of also being a ‘piece’ of the puzzle. Do you remember those nine piece plastic slidey puzzles that looked perfect, but for one piece? Annoyingly you … Continue reading

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Trouble with the Hebrew Kings?


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Tribute to a Pastor Part Two

My second, slightly delayed, portion of Tribute to a Pastor: Leading a Meeting This would be where his pastoral gifting and leadership anointing would be seen.  As a church who believes in the priesthood of all believers, we see an … Continue reading

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Get off the throne of your life

A friend sent me this, and I thought I would blog it here: The ‘now and not yet’ of the Kingdom of God Is a misleading catchphrase which a lot of Christians have accepted without challenging its implications. First, it … Continue reading

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Encounter His Presence

I read this prayer this morning, and it is inspiring me: Lord, You love to speak, even without the need for words. You listen to our inmost thoughts and draw our hearts to stillness.   Guard our hearing, Lord; For … Continue reading

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Fifty Summer Tweaks for Preachers (reblog)

Just caught up a bit with Pete Mead’s splendid blog  Biblical Preaching and was so impressed with his summer series that I thought I’d pop it here in one go.  For me, numbers 10, 16, 20, 22 and 44 look really … Continue reading

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A quick way to deal with obstacles to discipleship

Just now I felt a tug from the Holy Spirit and saw a half-formed image of a physical organ, pulsing, like a heart, but then forming a shell over it.  I got a sense that regular dipping in water or … Continue reading

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Drifting into the Day

The day has not really begun, and there are opportunities at this point to stop, reflect, and request. What slips of the tongue and of action can be avoided today, Lord? Help me to avoid them. What tasks and works … Continue reading

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Reaching out for Christ (re-post)

Wisdom cries out in the streets; she cries aloud in the trains and on the motorway.  She streams through the sunlight and penetrates through the rain.  She importunes us for attention and for reverence.  She speaks to us through the … Continue reading

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Dreaming while you sleep

For some reason, the title of this track from the Genesis album ‘We Can’t Dance’ popped into my head: the chorus “All my life I’ll be haunted by all my life just one moment in time”.  A song about a … Continue reading

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