Well, it’s a short while since I completed the ‘About’ page and I guess a few things have adjusted in my life since then.

If you want to see more about me in a quick way, connect with me on LinkedIn and check out my Profile.

Life is always changing – and now I am more philosophical, more resigned, more laissez-faire and perhaps more hopeful than even six months ago (when I started this blog).

One of my ambitions – which I haven’t yet realised with this blog – is to do a lot more creative writing.  I used to write poetry, and I have always thought that I should try my hand at a novel.  I realise this is not a new ambition; but as a teacher the number of times I ask students to attempt things that I would balk at is embarrassing.  When I actually do say ‘Right, I’m doing this too’, I struggle as much as them.  Sometimes more so.

Another area that I am starting to get more interested in is blogging in general.  I nearly picked up an expensive book in Waterstones the other day which had WordPress and Themes or something in the title.  Nearly…  I have noticed how much time can be absorbed by fiddling around trying to do things on a blog.  How useful is this, I wonder?  I don’t know.  But I do know that it’s addictive.  If anyone has any helpful tips for me to improve this blog I am very happy to hear them.  Just drop me a line or comment on this page.

I may start adding a few more pages with the occasional poem that I have composed, or piece of creative writing.  Look for these along the top of my blog, and if you don’t see any appear, badger me for them.

Another way of finding out more about me would be by following  this link and listening to or downloading ‘What are our values’ and other talks from King’s Gate Church podcast.  I hope you enjoy it if you do!

5 Responses to Update

  1. benleney says:

    Yes… write a book…. and yes it is addictive.

  2. Counterbalance
    by Stuart Henderson – Homeland Collection

    This was how it was
    before I dipped canaries in sunlight
    and gave the water buffalo it’s rolling stroll
    before the dolphin had told its first joke
    not even the lion had yet leaped from his lair
    This was how it was;
    with My perfect Partners
    We laid the dance floor
    opened up the ballroom of creation
    hung planets as lanterns
    and stars for concealed lighting
    Our choreography lasted light years
    and Our joy far longer.
    Then We constructed a dressing room
    We called it ‘Earth’
    It was pure, and it shone
    and it smelled like Me.
    In time, I employed a couple of attendants
    and invited them
    to come and make up a fivesome.
    They were both so beautiful
    But they refused
    and started to make up their own disjointed steps
    as the dressing room faded into shadow.
    And so I wrote My grief
    over everything I had made
    and pined for My two attendants.
    One of My perfect Partners
    even entered the dressing room
    to invite them once again
    to join Our unblemished company
    They sent Him back
    bloodied, pummelled, gored.
    They were even going to break His legs
    They thought that would stop Him dancing.
    But that I would not allow
    for it was His dancing
    His pleading arabesque
    that turned away My wrath
    and lit up the deep darkness.

  3. WOW! Lovely gesture. Which one?
    (One of our son’s favourite poets.)

    You may be interested in linking up with Rob Chidley via Linked-in.
    He is the very talented creative writer I mentioned the other week. I have a copy of his book The Third Tribe that we published, which is now out of print, you are welcome to borrow.

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