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Lifting a Song High to Him

Most mornings I cast around for a song that will get me going in worship, that will lift me out of myself and into the Spirit.  I do find that reading Scripture, and calming myself before Him in prayer changes me … Continue reading

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Become a breath of fresh air in your church

What is it that makes others glad to have bumped into us?  I have days where I genuinely feel that I have swamped others in swathes of trouble, of anxiety, of issues and complications. And then those days I am … Continue reading

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Christian New Media Awards

  I am very excited that I have been included as a nomination this year for the Christian New Media Awards.  More excited by the shortlist than by my nomination, to be honest, and you can visit the blogs and … Continue reading

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Looking for the water vole

I was leaning intently over the edge of the boat, first scouring the reeds, then noticing that underwater there were often tiny little roaches among the plants, and seeing how far you could see when you peer; then I was … Continue reading

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The secret to being grateful

I would encourage anyone who is up for more of God and for a closer, more humble walk with Him on a daily basis to read Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts, which I blogged about after I had finished it … Continue reading

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Get Rid of Self-Esteem Problems permanently

We had a great church get-together on Sunday morning, and there were several things that made it special (the quality of the guitar-playing was not one of them! – Ahem… I was playing). But one of our number came to … Continue reading

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How to know the power of God

When we get together as Christians, it can feel very frustrating at times that nothing seems to be happening.  It’s like those upcoming pauses in a conversation where you are so desperate to fill the gaps that you find yourself … Continue reading

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