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Keeping Close to the Line

It takes a lot of determination to keep living like you mean it.  And more than that, more importantly, too, it takes a lot of the Holy Spirit.  There are two equal and opposite errors that we always make as … Continue reading

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Keeping Calm and Collected

It’s in the line of duty that calmness and withitness are required.  It is just when you are lapsing in your focus, just when you are starting to become self-indulgent, that the need for self-discipline is paramount. It’s in the … Continue reading

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Question: God says no but I want it what now?

Really enjoyed reading this blog recently, such as this post about coping with sinful desires: “He’ll rip out your old heart with its dumb desires and give you a new one with brand new desires.”  He puts it in a … Continue reading

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Living out what you know is true

For myself I am not sure that I make the connection clear between my faith and how I live.  Paul said to the Athenians: “In him you live and move and have your being”.  It’s all very well to be … Continue reading

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Do the Arts make a substitute for faith?

One of those serendipitous times where I have in a few spare minutes plucked a book off the bookshelf that I got maybe halfway through, then moved on to something else: last night I found myself reading an extraordinary letter from … Continue reading

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Who will not glorify His name?

Today I am choosing to live in the glory of what the Lord has given me.  I look in the Bible, and I see that as I gaze on His likeness, as I am filled with His Spirit (seek that … Continue reading

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Top Ten Worship Artists

I will be slowing down a little on posting now, and I know that you will be relieved!  By God’s grace, I am hoping to maintain a regular two to three posts a week, plus other little items.  Like this: … Continue reading

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The early hours

In the hope that I will improve my time, are you as convinced as me of the benefits of rising early?  C.S. Lewis spoke appreciately of it, commenting on the beauty of the early morning, and the fact that you … Continue reading

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Reaching out for Christ (re-post)

Wisdom cries out in the streets; she cries aloud in the trains and on the motorway.  She streams through the sunlight and penetrates through the rain.  She importunes us for attention and for reverence.  She speaks to us through the … Continue reading

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How God spells LOVE – reposted

I’ve seen it from R T Kendall.  Children spell love T.I.M.E.  Perhaps God also spells love T.I.M.E. The Holy Spirit has been showing me how I need to be surrendered to Him every moment.  It’s just wishful thinking to be … Continue reading

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